No Sex And 2hours From The City

Don’t you love the title!!!! Hi I’m a ghost writer working for Coveringz, hope you enjoy my daily, weekly or monthly journal & journey of my life as a single woman. I’m not Kerri, Samantha, Charlotte or Amanda but I do think we as woman we have a little of each in us or a combo (hahahhaha) and some combo’s are higher or stronger than others (wink, wink). Maybe your circle of friends are Stacy, Mercedes, Lisa or Renee, or Monique, Patty, Shirley or Bebe., but the point is that you do have your circle of friends that are your family. And you thought that you chose your close circle of friends but really God has placed them in your life for such this time since before you were born.

So I’m 2 hours from “The City!” (East, West, North or South who knows) And oh yeah having no sex but I’m proud to say that choice was & is always mine:-). Am I living the fabulous life??, some say yes!! And some say no!! Do I still enjoy walking down the streets & practicing my runway when I have a fierce pair of shoes or boots on?, even if it is not on the streets of Money Making Manhattan?.( hahahah), HECK YEAH!!!!! My city is smaller but none the less I do think because of that my runway is bigger and better!! I stand out more, I have to be the best that I can! And my eye is still on the prize!! I won’t let me guard down and I won’t be caught half stepping! I can adapt:-)

Questions for you!!: “In this fashion so-called life is it better to jump in walk the runway taking chances or sit, watch & take notes so you can learn?

More later

Author: Just a Page in Life trying to get to another chapter

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