“Mastering Your Artistry with Rondell Johnson!”

Photo Shoot Makeup Artistry (Wash, Dc & NYC)



Food & Beverages will be provided

Students will learn to master the beauty and artistry of:

Precise product functions and key ingredients and how they photograph in pictures, Proper Skincare Assessment, Color Theory, Highlighting and Contouring, Foundation selection, Various Eyebrow Constructing Techniques, Eye shadow Eyeliner Mascara and False lashes that appeal to the model, How to effectively use Blush and Bronzer, Various techniques for Lipstick Finishes

Comes with Workshop Handbook complete with extensive detailed tips from workshop

A Photographer will be on set to photograph the event and display makeup applied during the workshop on a wide, flat screen TV to show students how well executed makeup looks like raw and unedited.

DC Admission fee $100 NYC Admission fee $150

Makeup for Brown Skin 

Food & Beverages will be provided

Target audience is the everyday Woman of Color, but open to all

Can’t get that perfect foundation match?

Does Lipstick seem like just isn’t your friend?

Are you using an eye or lip liner as brow pencil?

How about Blush? Is a rosy red or fuchsia pink the first hue that comes to mind?

Allow me to assist! Let me show you what tones of color best suite your skin. I’ll inform you of how to wear your foundation, where to apply blush and bronzer, the various tones of your skin as a woman of color.

DC Admission Fee $75 NYC Admission Fee $100

Makeup for Brown Skin Master Class (Wash, Dc, NYC, ATL, Chicago)


Food & Beverages

Target Audience is Professional and Aspiring Makeup Artist, however open and welcome to all

Having trouble mastering the ends & outs of makeup specifically for women of color?

Not to worry! In this workshop, I will instruct you on following:

Color Theory for Women of Color

Skin Types, Texture, and proper Product recommendation to effectively benefit your client needs, issues, and concerns.

The Artistry of Foundation (while many artist focus on how to bring the beauty in the eye area, I will teach you how to open up the window of your client’s soul with foundation)

Eye Brow Color Correspondence (Very little is known of the art of creating an impeccable artistry with properly and effectively fine tuning this feature of the face)

How Bronzer and Blush work best to bring life back to a lifeless presence of skin

Highlighting and Contouring to precisely meet the needs of your client’s features

Complementing the eye area with products that appeal to your client’s skin tone with eye shadow, eyeliner, false lashes (top and bottom), and the proper tools to master these techniques

Lip Care and Color (I will show you how to complete your client’s look with lip liners, lipsticks, and gloss. Creating a lip finish with products of different textures i.e. Matte, Frost, Lustre, Glaze, and Satin) 

Full Hands on Workshop 

Location, Date, & Time of Workshop full workshop details are to be announced.

DC Admission Fee $150 NYC Admission Fee $200 Chicago Admission Fee $225 Atlanta Admission Fee $250.00

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