Mastering Your Artistry with Rondell Johnson

Are you an Aspiring or Professional Artist? How about a Woman of Color struggling to learn the ins and outs of her makeup? Or, are you someone absolutely inspired and enthused by the very sight of a cosmetics product? Great! I have what you’ve been waiting for! Washington, DC based Professional Makeup Artist, Product Trainer, and Workshop Facilitator Rondell Johnson, is instructing Makeup Seminars throughout various areas of the United States! 

The purpose of my workshops are to spread education and awareness about the professional artistry of makeup for women of color and also the professional artistry of makeup and how it relates to professional photography. The targeted audience is Women of Color, Professional Artists in the beauty industry, as well as everyday people who are enthralled, inspired, and enthusiastic about Makeup. These workshops are intended for the benefit of everyday people, new aspiring artists, and even to sharpen up the skills of seasoned makeup artists alike. 

Official Workshop link is

Deposits aren’t required but available if circumstances don’t permit full payment at or around the release date of the workshop info. However full payment is required no later than one week prior to workshop’s scheduled date via PayPal, Google Checkout, or Phone Order.

Contact info is:

Rondell Johnson


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