About La Chale

I’m going to tell you all about me sometime… come back and see!

First of all I started hanging out at a hair saloon since I was about 10!! My Mother happen to own one, she wasn’t a stylist but the one person saloon happen to come with the house that my parents purchase ahahah (long story but I will always love you AL), I worked sweeping the floors and cleaning the brushes & combs, way before there where tablets that dissolved in water (hahaha)

Curious you are!! ahahah

About me !! You got a minute hahahahah. Just left a long succesful career in Corporate America!!! Being the only Sista in the “Boys Club” but got to be the Boss (How U Doing!), they called me “The Tiger Lady”, thxs for the wings Ma!!

I have always been a Tomboy/Geek/Gadget Ho/Classic Car/Ride 4 Die 4 Chick but always loving fashion & hair! But playing it safe with my computer/PC/Hacker/programming skills I stayed on that path!, but some how Fashion, Hair and Makeup was calling me back!! Was I going to pick up the phone? Place it on Hold? or let it ring? hummm, well I picked up the phone but started small ahahah. I was a wedding coordinator in the NYC, CT, RI & Mass area and then migrated to CA!! But in CA I jumped back into Corp. America (comfort zone) but then the call came or the page came again (guessing my age are you hahah), so while working Corp America I started styling Engineers, Directors & VIP’s!!, planning the wardrobe for work and travel & then wives also and then I knew (hard-headed) Fashion, Hair & Makeup was pulling me back in!!

So here I am, my 3rd actin life!!

What do I want to be or do when I grow up hahahahah??

Can anyone relate?

I will keep you posted!!

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