Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since we have spoken, Coveringz has been on a “Walkabout” hahahahahah, gathering information from A to Z about hair, skin, makeup and fashion!! Where do I start!!!

Let’s start with finding out what shape your hair is in now! Whether is be free style, natural, braids, weaves, relaxers or pressed! What shape is your hair in?? If you don’t know “You better ask somebody!” hahaah but seriously ask your hair dresser or start by seeing one:-). Next step is what shape do you want it to be in? We say “Healthy” is the new green for hair!! Less wear and tear on our hair people!! Let’s do the “TLC” thing to our hair now!! It is time!!  We are in times when $$$ is tight and we have to or should know there are things we can do at home:-), I will be sharing more on that later!!

So decide what is your hair path in 2010 or soon to be 2011!! Look at magazines and TV shows, talk with your stylist get the lines of communication open! Look at their hair books, go to the hair shows!! or look on-line !! ahahah

Find a picture of a person, celebrity or model, etc that has your features/traits and skin color or go to a wig shop and have some fun!!

Think about it!!

Signing off for now

La Chale

CEO/Owner of Coveringz

Twitter: ADivaForLife

Facebook: Coveringz Corp

Fan Page: Coveringz Corp

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