Let’s Review

2010 Let’s start again!!!!!!!!! 1, 2 Buckle my Shoe!

Hey Divas!!

How You Doing? It has been while since we last talked. Let’s review (hahahahaha)

January has passed soI’m going to assume that you have already made your way to Nordstrom to get fitted for a bra!! Make sure they let you try on a t-shirt also with it! And once you know the right inches & cup size run over to Nordies Rak, Hanes Outlet(on line), JCPenny, Target, Marshell, etc and ge the bra that you can afford but now you have the right fit!! hahaha

Pillow Talk is still in (hahahah) Buy now you should have several silk or satin pillow cases or scarves sothat your hair and face gets a spa nightly!! We want you to have smooth skin and hair:-). It is all about keeping the moisture in your hair and sking! Cotton rubs us of our natural oils in our hair and scapl!! Making ourhair dry, itchy and flaky, andfor those with relaxers it can dry your hair out & cause breakage but silk or satin will keep the oils in, keeping the hair moist & strong and the skin smooth! I suggest you get both, satin pillow case and a silk scarf:-), don’t be shy! Ladies if your singl “No shame in your game and if your married go for a theme (wink, wink) when buying your scarf!!!

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