No Sex And 2hours From The City

Today is definitely a hard day, let me explain. I keep seeing this book over and over again. This Book as I refer to is “him” (my version of “Mr. Big”) in this library of life, am I lost? Am I in a time warp? What section am I in now? So I decide to enter this “Public Library of Life”, at this age where do I sit? As I sit down at this particular table which by the way is in the middle, because I like to play it safe! I start to read my personal file.  And notice within this year I’ve seen 5 books that I have already checked out, read and returned to be filed away again!  Then a tray stops at my table and these same old books re-appear!

So I take them off the tray and start to look at the authors of the book (their names) hahahahah., I’m looking at the conditions of these books.  Let me read the bio’s , hum some haven’t changed a bit, some are torn & worn out! Some only need to be read or open in my teens years, one of them still lives in the “One Up stage of life”(would that be considered fiction?), ah look at this one WOW how naive was I. Oh this one made me say “Thx U Jesus”.

Here we go!! I remember this one, this book brought tears of pain, a smile from deep within and an adventure of a life time!! Why does this one keep coming back? This book is about eleven years old I thought I had finished reading it, but it keeps resurfacing back as a sequel but never-ending.

Each time I open it there is something new in it, something I didn’t know before? Maybe a side I didn’t know? Maybe a chapter I didn’t understand. Has it changed what type of book it is? Now it has become a workbook!! Yes a workbook with answers and multiply choices!! Am I supposed to read you again with different eyes or just keep you out as a reminder?

What do you think?

When you go to the library do you checkout the same books? Hoping to learn or figure out something new?

Or do you go to a whole new section?

Author: “Just a Page in Life trying to get to another Chapter

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